Amirudapriya Balakumar
VP Operations, Accenture
When I approached Meera earlier this year, I was right in the center of a major career transformation – new business unit, new leadership, new team. Was looking for a coach as a friend who can empathize, energize and most importantly validate some of the key decisions I’ve made. In many ways, Meera has helped me tap into my zone of ‘potential’ – taking new risks and executing it flawlessly. During the course of our journey, we’ve discussed various aspects across Belief Systems, Ikigai, Relationships, Team Leadership, Personal Development and Entrepreneurship. The one big takeaway for me was how I’ve become my own Validator – an internal source of self-sufficiency-of-a-kind that has strengthened my confidence and approach to life! I found this whole experience invigorating and insightful – every session dealing with a different problem statement that resulted in meaningful & logical solutions that I was able to implement. I saw great chemistry in this journey which was predominantly due to Meera’s personality, warmth and intuitive coaching style. I would recommend Meera to people who need empathized coaching and guided support to unleash the potential in us!